Democracy is a denim-based casual lifestyle brand devoted to the woman who grew up with fashion, but then got busy with life.

She is passionate about her family and career, but she never lost her love of fashion and her desire to remain current. With this overlooked customer in mind, Democracy was born.

Blending a contemporary aesthetic with a modern missy fit, Democracy designs for a vibrant woman, embracing who she is, enhancing what she's got and evolving her personal style. Democracy is devoted to curating a lifestyle vision of wearable trends that empower these dynamic, multitasking women of all shapes and sizes so that they have the freedom to choose to be their own muse. Whether she’s having a date night with her husband, picking up the kids from school, heading into the office for a meeting, or spending an evening sipping wine at book group, she can rely on Democracy to introduce emerging trends in an accessible and affordable way that meets all of her lifestyle needs.

Founded in 2010, on the principle of "Curve Equality," which acknowledges that all shapes are not created equal, Democracy’s designer's set out to create a jean that that would maximize a woman's shape by fusing together, style, comfort and technology. Democracy's signature "Ab"solution jean uses the latest technology incorporating smooth, super stretch denim, slimming panels to mold and hold, a hidden inner waist band for a no-gap waist, mesh panels for tummy control, and strategically placed pockets designed to enhance her shape. With the success of such universally fittings bottoms serving as the anchor to the monthly collection, Democracy integrates an eclectic offering of tops, sweaters, jackets and dresses to ensure that she can build her own capsule collection within her wardrobe for every occasion, with effortless style.